Wednesday, June 15, 2011

B&N Ebook Bestseller List? Oh, Really?

Everywhere you go in the indie blogosphere over the last few days a lot of bloggers have been speculating about Barnes and Noble's bestseller ranking system. The speculation is that B&N's bestseller list has a $3.00 and below cutoff price point.

Which means what?

Well, apparently, the bestseller rankings may not be based on the number of ebooks sold, but, instead, on the price of those ebooks. That would mean the rankings are based on how much money you make, not how many ebooks you sell. Hmmm. When did the rules of the game change? And why weren't we told?

Not really a bestseller list, you say? Join the crowd. Read what Aaron Patterson has to say about this issue at THE WORST BOOK EVER!: B&N Must Hate Indie Authors! Or are they just out ...: " and then make up your own mind.

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