Monday, June 20, 2011

Ebook Marketing in the B&N, Kindle, KDP, and Nook Forums

As a writer an important part of your marketing plan has to be to interact with your readers. Readers want to know you as a person. They want to know about you and your writing life.

So, how do you find these potential readers? Yesterday, we discussed your About the Author bio at the end of your ebook and including contact information there. But what if they don't contact you at your website or blog? What then? Then it's up to you to initiate contact. The way to do this is to go to the forums for each of the e-stores where your readers congregate to discuss their favorite ebooks.

Don't just jump right in and start trying to sell your ebook. First read the forums and community posts. See what other people are posting. Get a feel for the proper protocol. Do not Spam the forum! Ask questions; answer questions; be helpful. Above all, be friendly!

To get you started, here are the B&N Community ,  Kindleboards , KDP Forums , and the  Nook Forum . 

Say, "Hi," when you see me.

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