Sunday, June 19, 2011

Writing An Ebook Author Bio That Pops

Your ebook has been rewritten and rewritten and rewritten. So, it finished, right?  Right? No, it's not. You still have the dreaded at the end of the ebook  About the Author to write. This can actually be the hardest part to write.  It's the last thing the reader will see and remember.

Writers tend to be private people. We keep our thoughts to ourselves. We have to. If we spend our time talking about our characters, plotting and scenes, we don't get any writing done.  It dissipates the energy and enthusiasm we feel for the story and we don't write it.

To write the author bio we have to open up and let the world know what we do. How are you going to do that? If you go to Smashwords free download site and get a couple of ebooks, you can read the author bios at the end of each. You'll find the good bios have certain things in common. They begin by telling who the author is now, then explaining how the author got here in the form of a brief history, and end by including contact information. The whole bio is only two or three paragraphs long.  That's all there is to it.

Easy, huh? Now go write that end of the book About the Author.

Oh, yeah. Panzer would like a little Thank You dedication for his help on this at the front of the book, too.

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