Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Review: Completing the Cycle

In case you haven't noticed, Panzer and my reading habits aren't always inside the mystery genre. Sometimes we just read something because we like the title or the cover or the description or just because of how the planets are aligned that day.

Today's review of Completing the Cycle by Mike Lewis is a return to Panzer and my mystery roots (sort of). This is a science fiction short story set in 2172. The planetary explorers are trying to solve the mystery of what happened to the whole Cataran civilization. (No it's not what you think. That's the same thing I thought, but there are no cats in this ebook.)

The plot is laid out in parallel stories. One is the explorers' story and the other is the Catarans' story and then the two dovetail together at the end. The story is strongly reminiscent of The Martian Chronicles, but has enough twists and turns to stand on its own as a good mystery.

While there are no cats, dragons or unicorns in this ebook, Panzer gives it four paws up for the handling of the mystery plotline and today's planetary alignment.

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