Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Add A Newsletter To Your Blog

Panzer and I have been searching for a way to add a newsletter and its requisite signup form here at the blog o' cats. We'd like to give our visitors the option to receive news about upcoming events, contests and new ebooks.

We've found that Blogspot does offer a newsletter feature, but it doesn't seem to do what we want. We want a newsletter that would be independent of this blog. That way, if someone signs up for the newsletter at Panzer's soon-to-be launched Facebook Fan Page or signs up here, the information is all at a separate location. (There have been two times in the past month when I have had sign in issues with Blogspot and I don't want to lose all my information!)

So, with Panzer riding shotgun we went cruising around the blogosphere. We stopped in at fantasy author Linsay Buroker's E-book Endeavors blog. And ... we found the newsletter setup information we were looking for.

If you are interested in adding a newsletter to your blog, visit Lindsay Buroker's How to Add A Newsletter to Your Blog.

Got any suggestions for a newsletter site? Leave it in the comments sections.

Gotta go. Panzer wants to go cruising again.

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