Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple iBookstore Expands Smashwords Ebook Distribution to 26 New Countries


You go away for a few days and look what happens with Smashwords and how the iBookstore Expands Smashwords Ebook Distribution to 26 New Countries .

Panzer can't believe it. He wants to go on another vacation and see what happens while we're gone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Protection or My Life Is A Joke

If you've been reading this blog since the beginning, then you know I'm married to a pirate. One of the reasons I married that pirate is because he makes me laugh. One of the unfortunate ways he makes me laugh is by tickling me. You see, I am the most ticklish person you have ever met. All you have to say is, tickle and I start giggling.

Okay; so we were on the couch watching a movie and that pirate started tickling me. I was laughing and kicking and laughing and screaming and ... Panzer came in the living room to see what all the noise was about.

Seeing him standing in the doorway watching us, I couldn't help myself ... I screamed, "Panzer! Help me! Panzer!"

All I saw was a black streak flying through the air.

Hissing and scratching, Panzer landed on the pirate's back. The pirate jumped off the couch and turned around and around trying get that cat off his back. Panzer was not about to let go. He continued hissing and scratching, until the pirate grabbed a glass of pop off the coffee table and, reaching over his shoulder, poured it all over Panzer.

Not appreciating all that sticky pop in his fur, Panzer jumped down. He stood there looking at me and waiting for me to say Thank You. Then, tail straight up in the air, he sauntered over to the doorway. He sat there cleaning his fur like nothing had happened.

Panzer has owned me a lot longer than I've been married. Let's just say, he has agreed to put up with the newest addition to the household as long as there's no more tickling involved.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Review: Impulse Control

Panzer and I are back from vacation! And, if we're back, this must be Tuesday. If it's Tuesday, then it's time for this week's ebook review.

This week's ebook is Impulse Control by Susan Bischoff. (No cats this time. Boo hoo!) This is a YA ebook. Actually, this is a novella with the beginning of two of Susan's other ebooks in the Talent Chronicle series at the end.

The story is about a group of teens and pre-teens who each have a special talent. The talents range from mind reading to super-human strength. Because of these special talents, the group is sent to a facility to be studied and controlled.

Everything is told through the viewpoint of main character Ethan who has super-human strength. After some of the younger children are taken to be experimented on Ethan and some of his friends set out to stop the experiments. In the process of stopping the experiments we learn that, perhaps, at least one of the older children isn't as much of an innocent victim as we were led to believe.

Panzer gives the ebook three paws up. (Panzer would have given it four paws, but that one evil teenager was pretty unexpected and scary for him.)

Impulse Control is available at Amazon for the Kindle.