Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The anatomy of writing

Today's trip around the catosphere took Panzer and I over to Guido Henkel's blog.

Guido, one of my favorite fantasy ebook authors, is blogging about how he writes. Panzer and I love to read about how other authors write.

Guido uses an excerpt from one of his ebooks, Fu Man Chu's Vampire, to demonstrate how he writes and rewrites (and rewrites and rewrites).

So, if you're interested in how Guido writes his ebooks, tootle on over to  The anatomy of writing and see the value of writing, editing and rewriting. Oh, yeah. Also, if you're interested, he has links to buy Fu Man Chu's Vampire at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Nook for only $2.99. Such a deal!

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