Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 Baen Fantasy Adventure Contest

Fire up your computer!
Panzer was over at the Paperback Writer blog today. My bad boy stops there at least once a week to read author Lynn Viehl's posts. They're always interesting.

Today Lynn has an announcement about the Baen Fantasy Adventure Contest. Baen is looking for fantasy stories in all it's many venues: swords and sorcery, heroic fantasy, contemporary fantasy, etc. The stories can be up to 8,000 words long. Your entries must be submitted as an email attachment. When you get to Lynn's post, click the link at the beginning of the post to go to Baen and read the full rules.

Panzer says, "Get your swords ready! The dragons are coming!"

If you want to read the rules, tootle over to Baen fantasy contest

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