Monday, June 9, 2014

7 Tips on Getting Book Reviews

"It's okay, Mom-Mom. I feel better."
Panzer took the weekend off because he didn't feel well. So, today he was slow getting out in the Catosphere.

My poor recovering boy went over to Travis Neighbor Ward's Patch of blog. He found a post there with tips for getting book reviews.

We all need help getting those important reviews. This post gives six don'ts and dos for getting reviews.

The don'ts include: don't ask people for 5 star reviews and don't go to national publications and ask for reviews. Panzer knows none of you would ever do either of those.

The dos include: emailing a "Thank You" for 4 or 5 star reviews and looking for reviewers in your niche. Panzer knows all of you already do these two. There's still two more do tips in the post.

The most important tip included in this post is number 7 which is a short list of reviewer sites. This list includes two sites we added to our own reviewer site list because we'd never heard of them before. Panzer knows you have all been putting together your own list of reviewer sites.

To read the full list of tips, tootle over to book reviews

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