Friday, June 13, 2014

Using Amazon Keywords and Categories

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Panzer is posting late today. He spent too much time napping ... and dreaming about chasing birds ... and napping ... and dreaming about chasing mice ... and napping ... and napping. You know, doing all the stuff he's really good at.

But, he did find time to go out in the Catosphere to visit Roz Morris' Nail Your Novel blog.

My very clever boy found a post there about Amazon keywords and  categories. Ms. Morris' post explains how to choose categories and the keywords in them to help readers find your ebook on Amazon.

She also includes one very important don't. Amazon does not allow you to compare your ebook to another writer's work. Amazon will be very upset as Ms. Morris found out.

If you follow the second link in the post to the "Literature and Fiction Keywords" list and discover your ebook doesn't fit into the category, look to the line above the title "Literature and Fiction Keywords" and click on "Select Browse Categories." You'll be taken back to the main list to choose another category for your ebook.

If you're interested in finding out more about Amazon keywords and categories, tootle over to Amazon Keywords and Categories

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