Sunday, October 19, 2014

Amazon To Open Pop-Up Kiosks

I didn't see that coming.
Panzer was out in the Catosphere today catching up on some of the news he missed while he didn't feel well. He found some big news for you.

Last week my big bad kitty reporter told you about the rumors Amazon was opening some brick and mortar stores. According to Tricia Duryee at the GeekWire site, that's almost true.

Amazon says they will be opening two pop-up kiosks for the holiday shopping season. One will be in a San Francisco, California, shopping mall and the second in a Sacramento, California, location. Amazon's own electronics will be available there.

Panzer says, "MeWow! I can just stroll into the Mall and buy a new Kindle!"

To read the whole post, tootle over to Amazon retail stores

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