Wednesday, October 29, 2014

VAT Will Increase Ebook Price

What do you do with the tax money?
Panzer got jerked out of his noon nap today by all the CATerwauling going on in the Catosphere. He hopped in the Panzermobile to track down the trouble. My poor sleepy kitty pilot found the answer at The Bookseller site.

In a post by Lisa Campbell and Sarah Shaffi he learned about a new European VAT.  This new taxation law of digital products goes into effect on January 1. Ebooks are included in the EU taxation change. The change will mandate an ebook is taxed at the location of the buyer not the location of the seller. According to Ms. Campbell and Ms. Shaffi, this means the European price of ebooks could be significantly higher after the first of the year.

Panzer says, "How can you increase the tax on a bunch of electrons from Luxembourg just because  they travel to the UK or Germany? You humans tax everything."

To read the complete post and what this change will mean for ebook prices in Europe, tootle over to ebook prices

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