Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Will you discover a great unpublished book through Amazon?

How many times can I vote?
Panzer heard a bunch of meowing going on in the Catosphere. He followed all the noise to The Christian Science Monitor site. In a post by Molly Driscoll he found out that everybody is excited about Amazon's new Kindle Scout program.

According to Ms. Driscoll, through the new program you can submit your manuscript directly to Amazon. Amazon will first consider the submission. It will then be made available for online readers to consider. Readers will get to vote on whether the submission should be offered a contract. Note: The contract includes a clause that gives Amazon the rights to your book for five years.

According to an Amazon press release on Monday, the voting phase is open now. (If you want to skip the rest of this post, you can click voting phase to go register now and read the current submissions.)

Panzer says, "So how many friends and relatives do you have to vote to get you a publishing contract?"

To read Molly Driscoll's post, tootle over to Will you discover a great unpublished book through Amazon?

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