Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Enhanced Ebooks Foothold In The Marketplace

Just sit, listen and watch.
Panzer was out in the Catosphere when he ran into a post over at the Publishers' Weekly site. Our big bad kitty boy really did run into the post.

How could our kitty do that? Well, the Panzermobile's navigation system got interfered with by an enhanced ebook.

What's an enhanced ebook, you ask?

Clare Swanson's post at Publishers' Weekly explains enhanced ebooks and the American Sniper ebook in particular. According to Ms. Swanson, an enhanced ebook has additional media features. In the case of Chris Kyle's memoir, American Sniper, there are 12 interviews with him and a video featuring his wife.

Panzer says, "It's like listening to parts of the ebook on the radio or watching it on TV or at the movies."

To read the post, tootle over to enhanced ebooks

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