Friday, May 8, 2015

100% Author Royalties At Gatekeeper Press?

Always check your sales numbers.
Panzer was out taking a leisurely trip in the Catosphere today. Our big bad kitty pilot found that while he was managing the cleanup from the water disaster at home, he missed some important news.

According to a press release over at the PRNewswire site, a new self-publishing platform called Gatekeeper Press has entered the market with Amazon and Smashwords for indie authors' business.

Gatekeeper Press offers 100% royalties to authors on the sales of their ebooks and dead tree books.

How can they do that?

Simple. They charge for their services. They offer four packages for which the author pays upfront: 1) ebook coversion and distribution, 2) paperback design and distribution, 3) cover design, and 4) editing. Since they make their money from the packages of services they offer authors, they can then give the author 100% royalties.

Panzer says, "Interesting concept. But how many copies of my ebooks would I have to sell to break even on  the cost of the ebook package?"

Note: The press release includes costs and, if you read all the way to the end, a link to the Gatekeeper Press site.

To read the post, tootle over to Gatekeeper Press

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