Sunday, June 14, 2015

European VAT and U.K. Indie Authors

Sometimes you just make it worse.
Panzer took a leisurely Sunday trip around the Catosphere this morning. Our kitty boy parked the Panzermobile at The Guardian for a little rest stop.

While he was walking around and stretching his legs, he happened to find a post about the VAT (Value Added Tax) and indie authors in the United Kingdom. According to Anne Baddeley's post, UK indie authors who sell their ebooks from their own websites are being hit hard by the European Commission's VAT. Any time an ebook is sold from the author's website to someone outside the UK the author must collect the respective VAT for whatever country the buyer is located. This is turning into a logistic nightmare for authors. They either need to purchase special software to compute the VAT for them or simply stop selling from their website and put their books on Amazon (or other e-retailer site).

Panzer says, "Can't you EU guys give indies a break?"

To read the post, tootle over to VAT and self-published authors

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