Thursday, July 23, 2015

Smashwords: How to Publish Ebooks - An Ebook Publishing Intens...

Watch it very carefully.
Panzer made a trip over to the Smashwords Blog today. Our explorer kitty found a new post about ebook publishing by Mark Coker.

According to Mr Coker's post, while at this year's Pacific Northwest Writers (PNWA) Conference, he presented four workshops on ebook self-publishing. Each presentation is 90 minutes long and covers a different aspect of the ebook publishing process. When you finish watching all four you'll be able to produce and market a quality ebook.

Panzer says, "It's a good primer for new self-publishers and a good reminder for old self-publishers."

Note: Remember, these are long presentations. Bring a h-u-g-e cup of tea and a l-a-r-g-e sack lunch.

To read the post and watch the presentations, tootle over to Smashwords: How to Publish Ebooks - An Ebook Publishing Intens...:

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