Saturday, November 21, 2015

ABA Looking Into Amazon Books Inventory Practices

I'm feeling a little better.
Panzer was searching the Catosphere today looking for news items he missed while he's been sick. Our kitty pilot stopped in at the Publishers' Weekly site to see what he could find. After a little digging around he found a post about the new bricks and mortar Amazon Books book store.

Judith Rosen reports Oren Teicher of the American Booksellers Associate (ABA) sent a letter to members that the group is looking into Amazon Books store's inventory practices. The ABA wants to make sure the bricks and mortar store isn't using inventory from According to the post, this is an illegal practice under the U.S. antitrust laws. There's a link to Mr. Teicher's original letter and a second link to Publishers' Weekly's original post about Amazon Books opening included in Ms. Rosen's post.

Panzer says, "Hmmm ... The bricks and mortar store has been open how long? Less than a month? And the ABA is already looking into their inventory practices?"

Note: This can be one cup of tea if you just read Ms. Rosen's post or two cups if you follow the links too.

To read the post, tootle over to Amazon vendors

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