Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Amazon's mega warehouse gridlocks traffic in N.J. towns -

Panzer planned to take a leisurely trip around in the Catosphere today. However, our intrepid kitty explorer had barely hit the Catophere when he heard all kinds of horns honking and shouting and general noisiness. Following all the ruckus took him to the site.

Cristina Rojas stated in the post, Amazon is in danger of being sued by Mayor David Fried of Robbinsville, New Jersey.


Because Amazon has too many warehouse workers there.

There are 4,000 warehouse workers (and an unspecified number of  holiday season workers) at the 1.2 million square foot warehouse.  An Amazon warehouse worker works four 10 hour shifts per week. That means at shift start and end half the workers are coming to the warehouse and half are leaving the warehouse. This is causing traffic problems in the surrounding areas as workers drive to and from freeway entrances. If an answer to the traffic can't be found, the mayor will sue to close the warehouse.

I'll help. I've got extra room and the Panzermobile is quiet..
Panzer says, "I wonder if they could put an airport runway on the roof of the warehouse. Then, they could use airplanes to fly out the workers 300 - 400 at a time. Oh ... Wait ... That wouldn't work ... Too much noise. Sorry. Can't help."

Note: A cup of tea and two muffins should be enough for your read today. If you want to follow the link inside the post to another post about the mayor's threat to sue, you'll need another cup of tea.

To read the post, tootle over to Amazon warehouse

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