Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Save Your Shelfari from Goodreads - Paperback Writer

In his daily travels Panzer visited Paperback Writer today. It's one of his favorite sites and always has interesting posts. That proved to be particularly true today.

Back in January our inquisitive kitty explorer told you Amazon is taking Shelfari down and moving the accounts (but not the saved files) to Goodreads. Lynn Viehl's post today is about how you can save your Shelfari files. You can do this by transferring them to Library Thing. Library Thing will let you move your files and use them there for free. Included in the post are instructions for how to export your files to do the move.

Panzer says, "You better hurry. The shut down is only a few days away."

Note: You'll want to write down the instructions for moving your files, so you'll need a cup of tea and a muffin for today's reading.

To read the post about how to move your files, tootle over to Shelfari files

To read Panzer's original post about  Amazon's Shelfari shut down, tootle over to Amazon shutters Shelfari


  1. After reading your post I visited Paperback Writer blog and I found a lot of interesting info there! Thanks a lot!

  2. Yes, Paperback Writer is a great site. If you check in on the writing challenge, you might want to join in the fun.