Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hugo awards shortlist dominated by rightwing campaign - The Guardian

Panzer's was just tootling around in the Catosphere enjoying a leisurely trip when the Panzermobile was buffeted by growling and snarling sounds. Following all the noise took our brave kitty to The Guardian site. There he discovered somebody let those obnoxious, noisy Puppies out again.

According to a post by Dave Barnett, it's time for the Hugo Awards nominees list. You remember the Hugo Awards for science fiction and fantasy, right? Panzer told you about them last year. You know ... The awards with Rabid Puppies and Sad Puppies ... And the way the Puppies get their BFFs' work nominated. All the Puppies have to do is have all their other friends, relatives, and neighbors buy a membership in the group and then they all nominate the Puppies' BFFs' work.

Pretty simple, huh?

Those Puppies have the system all figured out.

And guess what?

It worked again this year.
Got to keep my paws clean.

Panzer says, "You can read all about this year's romp in the puppy litter box in Mr. Barnett's post, just watch where you step. Looks to be a repeat of last year."

Note: This is a l-o-n-g post. You'll need a cup of tea and two muffins for today's reading selection.

To read The Guardian post, tootle over to Hugo Awards

To read Panzer's post on last year's Puppygate, tootle over to Puppygate

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