Saturday, April 23, 2016

Press Release: Bookmasters, Baker & Taylor, Printondemand-worldwide Form Partnership

Panzer was taking a leisurely trip in the Catosphere when he decided to make a stop at the Book Business site. Digging around he found a post with some news about Baker and Taylor.

I see somebody growing bigger.
The post is a press release about Bookmasters, Baker and Taylor, and Printondemand-worldwide (PODW). According to the press release, the three are forming a partnership.  Bookmasters and Baker and Taylor publish and distribute in the U.S. and Printondemand-worldwide does the same in the U.K. With the new partnership all three will have access to each others publishing and distribution markets for their books, ebooks and other products. The post also mentions the fact that Follett just bought Booksmasters and Baker and Taylor which Panzer told you about a few days ago.

Panzer says, "So basically, Printondemand-worldwide formed a partnership with Follett Corp.  Hmm ... I wonder if there's another buyout in the future."

Note: This is a l-o-n-g-ish post. You'll want a cup of tea and muffin for the reading session. If you plan to read Panzer's other post, add another muffin.

To read today's post, tootle over to Baker and Taylor

To read Panzer's earlier post on the Baker and Taylor buyout, tootle over to Follett

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