Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What the Inventor of the World Wide Web Sees for the Future of Ebooks - Book Business

Panzer was tootling around in the Catosphere when he heard ooohhing and aaawwing. Following the sounds took our big bad kitty boy to the Book Business site.

It didn't take any digging at all to find the cause of all the noise. It was a post about Sir Tim Berners-Lee. In 1989 Sir Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. His WWW made it possible for computers to obtain information world wide with the help of computer code and a keyboard.  Consequently, when he speaks, everyone listens.

Makes sense to me. How about you?
According to the post by Ellen Harvey, in his keynote speech  at IDPF DigiCon 2016 Sir Berners-Lee has a similar vision for ebooks. He believes HTML 5 should be the standard format for ebooks. Using HTML 5 would mean an ebook could be read on any device, just as WWW is available on any computer. Also included in the post are four of the attributes he believes ebooks would have if the standard were adopted.

Panzer says, "Hmmm ... If all the ebooks and all the e-readers used HTML 5, you would buy the e-reader for its extra features; like lighted screen, enlarged print, graphics capabilities. Sounds good to me."

Note: This is a medium-long post. You'll need a cup of tea and a muffin for today's reading selection.

To read the post, tootle over to future of ebooks

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