Friday, September 2, 2016

New Paperback Books Coming

Mom and I have been busy for the last month putting together two new dead tree paperback books. They're called My Kitten Journal and My Cat Journal.

Mom says these are part of "The Healthy Pet Series." I say they're the most important part of the series.

The books have a section for My Cat (or Kitten)'s name, birthday, microchip number, and all that stuff humans worry about. Then there's a section for What I Need For My Cat (or Kitten) like cat food, a litter box, a water dish, and other stuff that makes us happy. Then there's the section Treats For My Cat (or Kitten) which is the toy section! The rest of the book is just stuff about clipping claws, brushing teeth, taking a bath (like that's going to happen), and going to the veterinarian's clinic.

Mom says the books will be in bookstores in few weeks. They'll be at Amazon too.

I know you've been waiting to see the covers ... And ... I've been waiting to show you because Mom let me pick the models for them. What do you think of that lady kitty on My Cat Journal? I think she's pretty cute.

Here's what they look like:

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