Friday, March 10, 2017

The science of why cats like getting into boxes and peering menacingly over the edge - BoingBoing

Peak-a-boo! I see you!
Panzer was shaken from his evening nap by laughing and clapping. Taking the Panzermobile into the Catosphere he discovered all the hoopla was coming from the BoingBoing site. It didn't take any digging at all to find the post about cats and boxes that was causing all the noise.

According to the post by Rob Beschizza, cats like boxes because ... we're predators ... and ... we're bored in the house. There's a video explaining it all to you humans.

Panzer says, "Hmm ... Humans needed science and a video to explain we're predators."

Note: This is a two minute video. Bring a cup of tea and sit on comfortable chair watch it.

To watch the video, tootle over to Cats and boxes

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