Tuesday, August 1, 2017

10 kinds of Barnes and Noble cafe customers: Read and laugh - or weep - TeleRead

Panzer was tootling around in the Catosphere when he heard guffawing and weeping.  Following all the confusing noises took our brave kitty boy to the ReTelead site. There he found a post about Barnes and Noble bookstores and cafes.

Don't forget they've added restaurants too.
According to the post by Chris Kubica, after on-site research he has decided there are ten kinds of customers who frequent Barnes and Noble's cafes. Depending on your level of support for Barnes and Noble bookstores, these cafe customers will either make you laugh or cry. None of these cafe customers from The Never Buy to The WiFi to The Divorced Dad to the seven other kinds will ever buy anything in the Barnes and Noble retail bookstores. So, laugh or cry about them, these are the Barnes and Noble cafe patrons.

Panzer says, " Ummm ... This little kitty can't decide whether his eyes are leaking because he's laughing so hard or because he's so sad."

Note: This is a medium-longish post. Bring a cup and a half of tea and three muffins for today's reading selection.

To read the post tootle over to Barnes and Noble cafe customers

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