Friday, September 8, 2017

B&N Has a Plan for the Future: More Stores - Publishers Weekly

Panzer made a quick trip into the Catosphere today. Our traveling kitty pilot stopped in at the Publishers Weekly (PW) site. There with a little digging he found a post about Barnes and Noble's new expansion plans.

More stores = More sales? Maybe.
According to the post by Jim Milliot, Barnes and Noble plans to open new stores next year. Barnes and Noble CEO Demos Parneros is quoted as stating the company plans to replace some of the recently closed stores. There are also plans to open new stores in some markets. Mr. Parneros also stated the new stores will be smaller. This will be a long term plan.

Panzer says, "Hmm ... This little inquiring kitty wants to know, if this means new smaller stores without restaurants and alcohol?"

Note: This is a short-medium post. Bring a cup of tea and half a muffin for today's reading selection.

To read the post tootle over to Barnes and Noble expansion

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