Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Man and the Prize: Reactions to the Booker Losing a Sponsor - Publishing Perspectives

Panzer had hardly entered the Catosphere today when the Panzermobile was buffeted and shaken by crying and shouting. Following all the noise took our brave kitty to the Publishing Perspectives site. There he found a post about the Man Booker Prize.

According to the Publishing Perspectives Editor-in-Chief Porter Anderson, there's a lot of consternation caused by the Man Group's withdrawal of their sponsorship of the Man Booker Prize(s). There is speculation about what caused the Man Group to withdraw it's sponsorship. Some believe it was due to opening the Prize to American authors. There is also speculation about who might become a new sponsor and, then, what the new name for the Prize would be. There are several Twitter tweets included in the post.
Bring a sleeping bag too.

Panzer says, "It will be interesting to see who steps in to replace the Man Group."

Note:This is a h-u-m-o-n-g-o-u-s post. Bring a thermos of tea, a dozen muffins and three chocolate chip cookies (biscuits) for today's reading selection.

To read the post tootle over to Booker Prize

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