Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Four Crime and Mystery Writer Research Blogs

There are several blogs I like to visit. Here are four of my favorite sites for research, information and ideas:

1. D.P. Lyle's Writer's Forensics blog is an excellent place to post a question, read other writer's questions, or just read through past blog posts for ideas. Want to know how long it takes for a victim to drown? Want to know what caliber bullet is most lethal for a head shot? Check with  Dr. Lyle. 

2. The Passive Voice blog written by The Passive Guy is an great blog to read about writer contracts or whose doing what in the writing world. (The Passive Guy is an attorney, but don't let that frighten you away. )  Check with The Passive Guy.  

3. Writer Dean Wesley Smith's blog is a mixture of contract and agent information and his writing. Want to know why agents' days may be numbered? Want to read some great free short stories? Check with Dean Wesley Smith.

4. Chicago Crimewriter Beth Anderson's blog has a collection of her workshops. Want to know how to write a synopsis? A story opening? Check with Beth Anderson's Hot Clues.

Now, go check out these blogs and tell them Panzer sent you.

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