Free From Us

Here you'll find free gifts from Panzer, me and the other Fiona. You'll want to check back periodically as things will be added as we finish them.


Here's your chance
to read Lori and
Panzer's first case
in Cats and Crime.
Free at Smashwords
Free at Barnes and Noble
Free at Kobo

Read The Case of the 
Cat and the New P.I.
the first story in Cats
and Crime and Panzer
and Lori's first case.

A Fiona L. Webber Romance
Free at Smashwords
(This is a direct link
to the ebook.)

Want a free Cats and Crime digital autograph?
How about a free Love's Decisions digital
autograph? Click the down arrow on the
right below to choose the book autograph
you want and then click "Go."

(You don't have to buy the book to get the
autograph, although we'd appreciate
it if you would!)

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