Friday, June 24, 2011

Increasing Your Ebook Sales

Have you ever thought about using the sale of your ebook to help you sell your other  ebooks? Today, Joe Konrath is blogging about changing the layout of your ebook to help increase your sales.

If you're having trouble making a sale after a sample is downloaded from Amazon, Joe suggests moving the blurb describing what your ebook is about from the back cover to the very front of your ebook. He also suggests moving the copyright page to the back. The aim of these rearrangements is to remind your ebook readers why they downloaded your sample in the first place. I know from my own experience that I've forgotten why I downloaded a sample and didn't bother to go back and read it.

Also in the end matter, Konrath suggests including clickable links for your other ebooks and your blog. He also suggests trading excerpts with other authors in your genre.

Although there are a lot of comments following this blog post, you'll want to read them for their suggestions, too.

Visit A Newbie's Guide to Publishing  for some of Joe's interesting suggestion to increase your sales potential.

Whether you agree or not, there are some interesting ideas here. Thank Panzer sooner rather than later because he's getting low on Kitty Treats.

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