Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Murder At The Gardening Center or My Life Is A Joke

I was having trouble deciding how Kaitlin, my heroine, would find the body buried in the garden. I'd been wrestling with the problem for three days. I'd bounced ideas off various friends and relatives.

My best friend and I were shopping in the tools department at the local gardening center, when she asked, "Is Uncle Melwyn still buried in the flower bed in the backyard?"

When I turned to answer, I noticed a woman and her husband standing behind my friend. "Yes, he's still there," I said, reaching down to pick up a pair of pruning shears, "but Kaitlin hasn't found the body yet."

I heard a clatter and looked up to see the woman behind my friend had knocked over a garbage can full of  rakes. The woman grabbed her husband and pulled him away as fast as she could. My best friend mumbled at me, "Some people," as we picked up all the rakes and put them back in the can.

As my friend and I continued through the store, discussing ways Kaitlin might find the body, the woman and her husband appeared in every aisle. When we got to the checkout counter, the husband and wife team, holding one small plant, were in line right behind us.

After we checked out, loaded everything in my car and drove away, I saw the wife standing in the parking lot lane behind us. She had a piece of paper in her hand and was writing furiously.  My friend and I both started giggling because we just knew she was writing down my license plate number to give to the police.

© 2011 Fiona L. Woods

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