Sunday, July 10, 2011

5 Places to Get Free Ebooks

 As I've mentioned here before, I've had my Kindle since my birthday last year. Now, my friends who have joined the e-revolution are asking me where they can get free ebooks to learn how to use theirs.

How about you? Did you get a new ereader and need something to read on it? Or, are you just looking for a little cheap fun for the one you got for Christmas?

No matter what kind of ereader you have (Kindle, Nook, etc.), there's a place to get free ebooks for it. To get you started here are five places to download free ebooks. Yes, you will have to open an account at most of these, but that's the only price you have to pay.

1) Kindle Nation Daily for Kindle downloads only. Lists Amazon's free ebooks and new ones are added daily.

2) Bibliotastic  is a relatively new site, so it doesn't have a wide a selection. New ebooks are added periodically.

3) Free Online Novels  has a changing selection of novels. When you go to the front page, use the column on the righthand side to pick the genre you want to search.

4) Free has several different membership levels. The standard level is free and allows you to download 5 free novels in Adobe Reader format. There is a charge for Mobi or Epub formats.

5) Free Ebook Downloads  is one of Smashwords free sites. There is no charge to download an ebook in any format.

Disclaimer: remember, whenever visiting unknown sites, read the instructions carefully, have your virus scanner on and your firewall up.


  1. thanks for this information, Fiona! great places to download free e-books! I absolutely love to read e-books! I usually buy them from all you can books because they have many interesting and cheap books.

  2. That's an interesting site. Thanks for posting it, Kim.