Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dean Wesley Smith Recommends Zoe Winters

Dean Wesley Smith's post today is about the 99 cent price point for novel length ebooks. If you've spent any time reading Smith's blog, you know he's been on a writing challenge this year to write short stories. Each time he finishes a short story he puts it up at Amazon for 99 cents. These are short story length, not novel length ebooks.

Smith's blog post is in reference to Zoe Winters' post at her blog about 99 cent novel length ebooks. (If you don't know who Zoe Winters is, read my review of Kept and then get a copy of the story at her blog.)

If you're looking for the proper price point for you ebooks, these two posts  give you some good information. Be sure to read the comment section at Smith's blog after you read Winters' blog. (The comments make more sense that way.)

What's your opinion on this issue?

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