Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Resources For Writers and Readers

I'm posting the Wednesday Free Writer's (and Reader's) Resources today.  Our schedule got mixed up when Panzer had to go to the kitty doctor yesterday. Nothing wrong. Just his annual exam and vaccinations, but that rabies shot always makes him so cranky!  He's feeling much better today.

So, without further explanation here are your resources:

1)  Freelancer's Survival Guide  by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. This ebook has 70 different sections, including advertising, motivation, agents, and everything else you need to know to join the writing life. This is such a great resource. You can read the free ebook copy online section by section or get the whole guide. Or you can purchase your own copy.

2) Free Story Spinner  by Bonnie Neubauer. This free writer's tool is the greatest little story starter. Click the spinner and it will give you a setting, the starting phrase for the story, and four words you must include in the story. You can use the free version on the site page, or purchase your own copy.

3) Free New Monthly Ebook   from the University of Chicago. Each month the U of Chicago features one new free ebook readers can download.

4) Free Mystery Podcasts  from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Free podcasts of mystery short stories which have appeared in EQMM.


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