Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Free Resources for Writers and Readers

On Sunday I posted about my investigation of Distribution to iTunes for a podcast of one of the stories from Panzer's ebook.

As Panzer and I continued our search for information on what others were doing with podcasts, we found three free podcast sites for your enjoyment.

1) The Creative Penn. There are over 100 free podcasts at Joanna Penn's respository. Here you'll find interviews with such writers as Zoe Winters, LJ Sellers, Scott Nicholson, and many more.

2) Free Library of Philadelphia. Here you'll find podcasts for Joyce Carol Oates, Cokie Roberts, Garrison Keillor and others who have participated in author events at the library.

3) Fluctu8 Podcasts. Here you'll find music, audiobooks, arts, cooking, just pick your subject.


Disclaimer (you know the drill): whenever visiting unknown sites, read the instructions carefully, have your virus scanner on, and your firewall up.

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