Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book Review: Butterfly Boots

This week we read Butterfly Boots by Misti Wolanski. We picked a short story this time. We were on vacation for the three-day-weekend and didn't have as much time to read as I'd hoped.

Panzer says this is a cute little ebook.  At 1,000 words it is short. It's not a complicated plot, but it is a fun read anyway.

Kurtah Strongman, a female dwarf,  is walking along minding her own business. She gets into a conversation with a faery sitting on the side of the street. The faery is looking for her lost left boot. Kurtah makes the mistake of trying to help the faery find that lost boot. In the process of looking for the boot we learn about dwarf's, faeries, and magic. I think it's a successful short story considering how short it is.

According to the material at the end of the ebook, this story is meant to be a lead-in for Wolanski's ebook A Fistful of Fire which is the first in a series about the land of Aleyi.

Since it's so short and Panzer wanted more, he only gives it three paws up. Sometimes there's just no way to satisfy that cat!

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