Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Review: Writing Critique

If this is Tuesday, it must be Panzer's book review day. He picked Writing Critique: A Horror Short Story by Canadian writer Rebecca M. Senese for me to read to him.

Panzer loved this ebook. Although it's billed as a horror story, he knew right from the beginning that it's more black humor than horror. The story is told through an omniscient viewpoint with the God-like narrator telling what's happening to You. Any writer who has ever belonged to a writing critique group will know exactly what the narrator is describing. You take your baby, um, manuscript to the group for their adoration. Instead, they tell you your baby, um, manuscript stinks and she needs her diaper changed. Oh, and you should give her a bath too. We've all been there. Well, this story is even worse!

Panzer gives the ebook three and half paws up. He didn't like the little tail twist at the end. ('Nuff said about that; you'll have to read the ebook to find out what it is.)

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