Monday, September 19, 2011

Metadata And The Indie Publisher

Panzer and I have been cruising around the blogosphere looking for information on metadata. Metadata is an important aspect of the presentation of your ebook as an indie publisher.We blogged about it before back in July at Meta-Data What Are They Good For?

Today, we found an interesting post by Carla King about metadata and self-publishing. Metadata is an important part of your marketing plan. King's post includes instructions with illustrations on how to change the metadata in Word documents and audiobooks. She has links to add the metadata to Bowkers, Smashwords and Amazon. Some of the information is not specific to ebooks, but it's good background in case you intend to do a POD book later.

If you're interesting in learning about metadata, visit Carla King's post A Self-Publishers Guide To Metadata For Books.


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