Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pie and Cream at Joe Konrath's Place

Joe Konrath is blogging about the often repeated argument by detractors of the indie publishing world that the e-market place is becoming glutted with ebooks. Along with that argument, detractors also say you might as well not even get into the marketplace. There isn't enough pie to go around for everybody so you can't possibly make money ebooks.

I totally agree with Konrath's rebuttal to these arguments. The ebook marketplace can't become glutted, just like the traditional book world marketplace didn't/hasn't become glutted with books.  As long as people keep buying ereaders the market can't become glutted no matter how many ebooks there are. Each new ereader bought is increasing the size of the reading market. It follows that of course you can make money in the marketplace as it expands.

His rebuttal is so obvious to me,  I have a hard time believing he has to even blog about it.

To read Joe Konrath's rebuttal to the detractors' arguments against indie publishing, check out today's A Newbie's Guide to Publishing.

Panzer says Joe has got a lively comment section there, so be sure to read it, too.


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