Monday, September 5, 2011

The Rat On My Shoe or My Life Is A Joke

If you are owned  by a cat (like I am), you will understand this story.

Panzer likes to give me gifts. These gifts are meant to show he acknowledges me as the one providing his food when he demands it, brushing him when he needs it, and petting him when he wants it.

These gifts have included a sock, a ball of string, and a dead cricket. But the gift most prized by Panzer was the the rat he gave me.

Panzer had been outside for about an hour when it started to rain. As soon as I heard the scratching at the back door, I quickly opened it and in sauntered Panzer. I bent to pick up my owner and scold him for staying out in the rain, when ... he dropped a rat on my shoe.

Now, I am relatively brave when it comes to vermin and it was a small rat -- but IT ran across my shoe and up the INSIDE of my pants leg!

I screamed. Panzer ran for the living room. I jumped up and down trying to get it out. Panzer ran into the bedroom. I pulled down my pants and threw them across the kitchen. I got my broom and pushed the pants out onto the back porch.

I found Panzer sitting on my bed cleaning the rain water from his fur. He chose to ignore me while explained to him a rat was not an acceptable gift.

He still brings me gifts but, thankfully, they've all been inanimate since then.

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