Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jan Friedman's 5 Principles for Using Facebook

Panzer and I were looking around the Catosphere for some help with setting up a Facebook page. Our search took us over to Jane Friedman's blog. Ms. Friedman, a past Writer's Digest publisher, has a post about the five principles for creating a high traffic Facebook Fan Page.

Her five principles are more about the dos and don'ts of using your Facebook Fan Page for marketing. Which is actually what Panzer and I were wondering about.

No -- we don't intend to be one of those, "Please, please, please. Oh, please. Like My Page!" authors.  We hate those whiny sites that are trying to get as many "Likes" as they can. Guess what? Ms. Friedman doesn't like them either!

So, to get your daily dose of dos and don'ts tootle on over to 5 Principles for Using Facebook.

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