Friday, May 4, 2012

Book Review: The Cat's Whiskers

It's been quite a while since Panzer has found an ebook for us to review.

The Cat's Whiskers by Christopher J. F. Gibson has five short stories about . . . Ta Da . . . cats. Actually, there are four cats and one kitten -- one for each story.

These are not mysteries.  They are cute little slice of life stories. We get to meet each cat (or kitten) and the person (or persons) they own. These are little cat adventures, but nothing like what my bad boy Panzer gets into! This is an ebook for cat lovers.

The ebook could stand to have another formatting and editing. But it wasn't bad enough to get Panzer too upset.

Panzer gives it three paws up.

The Cat's Whiskers is available from Amazon for the Kindle.

Panzer gives it a G rating for the whole family.

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