Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Review: Dragon Poems for Smiletrain

Panzer and I happened to come across this little ebook " Dragon Poems for Smiletrain" compiled by M.R. Mathias  and L.M. Stull. While neither Panzer nor I usually read poetry, this one is raising money for the charity Smiletrain.

The anthology contains twenty poems. There are some humorous poems, some sad poems and some cute poems. All about one of my favorite things: dragons.

Panzer gives it four paws up. He doesn't like poetry or dragons, but he does like charity giving!

This ebook is rated G and is for the whole family.

Available at the Amazon Store for the Kindle.


Is anybody else having trouble with this new blogger? Panzer says, "GRRR." Hiss. Hiss. Hiss.

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