Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review: Catnip

Okay, okay. There's no surprise who picked out today's ebook. Panzer picked, Catnip, by Valerie Tate. With a title like that, there's no doubt who picked it. Right?

Panzer was rolling on the floor laughing before I was ten "pages" into reading it to him. You'd think he was on Catnip. He was wiping tears from his  eyes because he was laughing so hard at Marmalade the cat's antics in the story.  This is the classic story of  a rich woman leaves her fortune to her cat.

No spoilers here, but Panzer thinks the ebook should have been titled Catnapped

My bad boy did find the romance between Chris and Alicia just a little predictable and sappy.  What can I say, he is ... well ... you know ... a bad boy!

Even with the sappy romance, Panzer gives it four paws up for Marmalade's performance.

The ebook is available at Amazon for the Kindle.

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