Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Review: Homecoming

It's been a long time since Panzer and I have done a book review here. It's been really hard for my bad boy to find an ebook he could really enjoy.

But, he finally has one: Homecoming by Janet Wellington.

And ... are you ready for it? It has CATS ... not just one cat, but nine CATS. We have cats with names like Max and Oscar and cats with names like Petunia and Leona. (Panzer says, "Janet, Janet. What were you thinking with embarrassing names like Petunia and Leona?")

To be totally truthful, this is not a story about cats. It's a story about Cory and Jake's romance. Cory and Jake knew each other in high school, went off to have different lives, and have now come back together.

Where did the nine cats come from? Well, you'll just have read the ebook to find out!

The end of the  ebook has a great website to visit to answer a question a day to donate food to cat rescue organizations and Panzer says that alone makes this a four paws up review!

Panzer gives this a PG rating for its sex scene (one).

Homecoming is available at Amazon for the Kindle.

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