Monday, January 7, 2013

Romance University: Your Author Brand

Panzer was over at the Romance University blog today. Yes, you read that right. The Romance University. He was doing some research for Fiona L. Webber, the romance writer of our team, (click the tab above for more about her) when he came across a post that will help all of us. No matter what our genre, we all need to put our brand in place.

The post by Oliver Rhodes, founder of digital publisher Bookouture, is titled Your Author Brand - How to Make The Most Of It. Rhodes suggests we ask ourselves questions such as, "Who do I want for my audience?" and "What does my brand represent?" Rhodes says that by answering these questions and several others we can put together a formula for what we want our brand to do for us.

To see if this plan will work for you tootle over to Romance University: Your Author Brand

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