Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

One Million? I wish!
Okay, Panzer and I admit we haven"t been to J.A. Konrath's blog for a while. Like us, he hasn't been posting as often as before. But he has a new post up about how to boost your ebook sales. And he should know since he just hit the one million ebooks sold number.

He includes some good information about his sales experiences with Amazon, Kobo, and Pubit. Like Panzer and I he's had good sales figures with Smashwords.

He does have the same old standard sales recommendations everybody else has about a good cover, good editing and good storytelling.

But, all in all, he's got some interesting information for increasing our sales numbers.

So, if your interested in reading how to sell a million ebooks, tootle over to A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

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