Monday, March 24, 2014

Jill Kemerer: Building an Author Platform Wore Me Out

I need a rest.
As soon as Panzer read this post at Jill Kemerer's blog, he knew he wasn't the only one drowning under the pressure of building his platform. He thought you might need some inspiration for your author platform building too. There are lots of suggestions for getting "out of your comfort zone" and expanding your platform.

Panzer says, "The main take-away point in the post for me is do one thing each day. I can handle that."

If you want to learn how to expand your author profile, tootle over to Jill Kemerer: Building an Author Platform Wore Me Out: Four score and seven years... Wait. How long have I been building that imaginary plywood stage called an author platform? A long, long t...


  1. Smiles, one thing a day is about right!

  2. My bad boy Panzer chases after ever new shiny thing he sees! He's talked me into two Tumblr blogs, a Goodreads account, a Twitter account and this blog. Next up is a Facebook Author account. It just never ends!

    And you?