Tuesday, April 8, 2014

6 Ways to Keep Readers Up Past Their Bedtime

Just what I was looking for.
Panzer was out searching for some help on editing. He stopped at Jody Hedlund's blog. The post he found there isn't specifically about editing, but it has some good tips on making sure your work is engaging to your readers.

Among other points, Jody addresses Panzer's biggest bugaboo which is making sure scenes count. He has a problem including scenes that don't move the plot forward. That means they're just plain boring. Boring scenes need to be eliminated at the editing stage ... not at the reading stage!

There are five more tips in Jody's post that are just as relevant during editing and my bad boy will be checking them all in his newest project.

If you need help getting your newest project into shape, tootle over to 6 Ways to Keep Readers Up Past Their Bedtime

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